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2008-05-01, 17:14
Got a SqueezeBox a few weeks and love it. SqueezeNetwork works great. However, I have not been able to get SqueezeCenter to work. I've searched through the Wiki, Forums and FAQs and could not find anything to get it working. This may be a total newbie question, but when I try to start SqueezeCenter, a dialog box pops up in my browser asking if I want to save or open the url. I've tried to open it (selecting FireFox as the app to open it), but then another dialog pops up asking how to handle to the octet-stream. Again, I tried to get FireFox to open it, but I'm left with an empty page. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be selecting another application? How do I get SqueezeCenter to start and the interface to appear?

My set up is SqueezeBox / Linksys router / Desktop / Windows XP Pro SP2 / McAfee Security / FireFox

2008-05-01, 17:55
You'll probably need to tweak McAfee. Here's what you need to do:


Once SqueezeCenter is running, you'll be able to access your music collection!


2008-05-01, 19:08
Thanks for your help! After going through all the McAfee settings and configurations, I found that McAfee Data Backup was using listening on port 9000. Now I don't know how to change the port settings on McAfee or SqueezeCenter, so I just ended the Data Backup program and restarted SqueezeCenter and it WORKED! The interface came up and I was able to set it up.

Is there any way to run both these programs simultaneously on different ports?

Thanks again

2008-05-01, 20:05
I think this would work for you:

1) In SqueezeCenter, click "Settings" (bottom right of screen)

2) Click the "Advanced" tab

3) From the drop-down on the left, choose "Network"

4) Change "Web server port number" from 9000 to 9001

5) Click "Apply"

2009-04-10, 02:52
Hi peeps, I had exactly the same problem, and above info fixed it.
Thaaaanx a lot!