View Full Version : SC can't connect to SN, but SB3 can

2008-05-01, 12:58
Hi all,

I've recently upgraded from slimserver 6.5.(2?) to SC7.0. I have an SB3 and a linksys wireless router/switch. While upgrading from SS 6.5 to SC7.0, I created an account on SN. I can log into that account on the website, and my credentials are accepted. My SB3 also connects to SN without a problem. SB3 connects to SC and plays well. BUT, SC cannot connect on SN.

On the "SqueezeNetwork" tab in SC, I enter my email and password identically to those I use to access the SqueezeNetwork web site. When I click "Apply", I get the following error:

"We couldn't find your account information, please re-enter your information and try again. If you don't have an account please click “I need an account” to continue."

Of course, if I click "I need an account" and try to create a new one, it tells me my email address is already registered (which it is). I immediately go to the squeezenetwork web site and can log in no problem.

I emailed tech support, and they reset my password and suggested I try again. That didn't change anything. I've scoured the forums, but I can't find anyone else with this same problem.

It seems like the SC can't access the internet, but I don't have any firewall software running, and my configuration doesn't require a proxy server. My anti-virus is Kaspersky. It does monitor traffic on various ports, but turning that off didn't help.

Please, someone point out to me what I'm doing wrong...

-Chad O

Anoop M.
2008-05-01, 18:29
You might want to try to re-install the software.

Keep in mind to delete all folders pertaining to SqueezeCenter before install of fresh software.

2008-05-01, 20:00
Thanks for the suggestion. Uninstalling and reinstalling resolved the issue. Thanks for your help.

-Chad O