View Full Version : Will not connect on Waking Up

2008-05-01, 08:38
Sorry to start a new thread, but most of the problems were resolved except this issue.

Pretty much any time I wake the controller up, it will not connect to a music source.
If I turn the controller off then back on again it connects perfectly and has no problems
while I'm using it.

I have a Linksys wrt54gs router and SC says the player strength is 96db and the controller
strength icon is full (where can I see its strength).

So far I've:
-- Updated to 7.01 r2354
-- Factory reset
-- Disabled any port forwarding
-- Changed name of player from SqueezeBox to Livingroom (product support suggestion)

Please... Anybody have a suggestion?
I'd really like to get this thing working.

Thanks, Joe

2008-05-01, 17:19
i used to have a linksys router, and it sucked.

make sure it has up to date firmware. also, i would enable UPnP.

having said that u got a nasty problem. have you tried assigning a static IP to the SBC?

2008-05-01, 18:13
Hey, there was firmware released in March.
Updated... hope it helps.

UPnP already enabled.

Not sure how to assign a static ip to the SBC. Will check.

Thanks for the tips.

2008-05-01, 19:12
i'm no expert, so don't read too much authority into what i say... but those are the things i would look at first.

2008-05-02, 08:37
Still no joy. I had to reboot the controller this morning.

After using it all evening with my computer as music source with no issues, this morning it couldn't connect to squeezenetwork. Keep getting "Try Again". Cycled the controller off and on and it connected fine.

Support has told me they've seen these problems but haven't given me any suggestions since they had me rename my player. Are there any developers here that can give me some ideas? I was really excited about this system and would like to get it working.

Thanks, Joe