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2008-05-01, 06:12
After I switched to SqueezeCenter 7.0.1 it will no longer import my iTunes library. I left the basic settings blank, activated use iTunes and specified where my iTunes library xml file as I previously done in 6.5.x versions. Nothing happens when I invoke the rescan button. Even tried to clear my cache. Nothing! No songs, no playlist, no artists, nothing! There is also no /var/log/squeezecenter/scanner.log and stats are also telling me that "Progress information from the previous scan is not available". Unless someone could help me solve this I have to return to version 6.5.x.

I am running my SqueezeCenter on a Mandriva Linux box. I run iTunes from Windows and export my library to a samba share on the Linux server where SqueezeCenter can read it. It worked like charm previously, now I feel that upgrades can be such a piece of junk...

I appreciate any help I can get.

2008-05-01, 08:55
I found that my perl modules did not build correctly because mysql-devel was missing in my installation. They now all seem to have been build. However, now I have problem with the GD module. I tried to run "/usr/libexec/squeezecenter-scanner --debug scan.scanner" and got the following output:

The following CPAN modules were found but cannot work with SqueezeCenter:
GD (loaded 2.35, need 2.35)

To fix this problem you have several options:
1. Install the latest version of the module(s) using CPAN: sudo cpan Some::Module
2. Update the module's package using apt-get, yum, etc.
3. Run the .tar.gz version of SqueezeCenter which includes all required CPAN modules.

I then ran "sudo cpan GD" and got the following result:

CPAN: Storable loaded ok
Going to read /root/.cpan/Metadata
Database was generated on Wed, 30 Apr 2008 01:30:54 GMT
GD is up to date.

The libgd2 is also installed on my system. Found a thread that deals with a similar issue:


But it didn't seem to fit my situation so I could not apply the fix in this case. I am stuck right now. Does anyone have a suggestion?