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2008-04-30, 18:01

I'm really desperated :P I have done everything I could but I can't handle it alone I hope some here will be able to find solution for me.
So there story is:

Im running SqueezeCenter Version: 7.0 - 17844 - Netgear RAIDiator - EN - utf8 on ReadyNas NV+
Today I have added a new album which containst 14 songs. I have edited all tags in iTunes. 13 songs have been added without any problems. One of them (track nr. 5) is still shown as No Artist, No Album.

I checked few times in Windows explorer and in iTunes if the tag is really correct and it is.
When I play this file in WM11 it shows all info such as artist, title, etc, even cover but in SC none.

I did few rescans even full ones. My library is small it has only 2100 files. I don't have any addons installed. The file does not contains any special letters.

Some Screenshots:


Windows explorer and iTunes are both polish but you should see that all informations are correct.

I have no idea what is wrong, hope someone will help me with this :)

2008-04-30, 23:44
> Im running SqueezeCenter Version: 7.0 - 17844 - Netgear RAIDiator - EN
> - utf8 on ReadyNas NV+

Please update to the latest nightly build. There are a lot of fixes in regard to non-latin character handling.

Also: are you using iTunes integration with SC on the ReadyNAS?



2008-05-01, 03:21
Thanks for reply. I will update then. No I don't have enabled integration.
I heard it's not working on ReadyNas.

2008-05-01, 03:24
Try using mp3tag to remove the tag completely then rewrite it using the same program? If it has album art it will allow you to extract it then when you recreate it you can save it back :)

2008-05-01, 04:56

I did use mp3tag. Removed some entries and saved it again and it worked ;)
Thanks for help.