View Full Version : Squeeze Centre won't stop re scanning library

2008-04-30, 12:35
I have 'scheduled rescan' switched off yet as soon as I boot-up or switch-on Squeeze Centre it just starts re scanning the library which takes hours. Whilst Squeeze Centre is scanning it is nearly impossible to browse the pages as they just hang whilst trying to load. I don't want it re scanning my library unless I tell it to do so how can I stop it from doing this? And how can I stop it scanning once it has started without switching Squeeze Centre off?

This is only happening since I started using v7.0.

MAC OSX 10.4.11

2008-04-30, 12:41
1 get the latest 7.0.1 for all i know i wont use the plain 7.0.

2 theres a setting at: rigth corner "settings" brings upp the settings page choose the advanced tab choose "rescan music library"

turn off the rescan timer or set the time more to your liking