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2008-04-30, 06:12
Could anyone please tell me what is the size/spec (eg. internal/external diameter) of the power connector that comes with the Duet receiver?

Thanks in advance


2008-04-30, 09:37

2012-07-29, 14:28
I know this thread is ancient, but for reference, the spec of the connector is on the Wiki: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Squeezebox_Receiver ( 1.05mm ID, 3.5mm OD, 7mm long. Min supply rating: 550mA )

I've bought a handful of similar connectors, but so far haven't actually found a supplier who has a compatible one. Does anyone have a link to a supplier part, or a part number or something?

I'm particularly after a plug, but if anyone's got a link to a socket, that would be handy too :-)

2012-07-29, 14:48
Is it one of these parts?

2012-07-30, 00:10
Hi w3wilkes,

Thanks for that, but sadly, no - I'm after just the connector, not the whole AC adaptor to go with it. I'm trying to make a gadget that sits on the power input, so I need to "pass on" some power to the Duet from my gadget. To do that, I need to make a short lead with a plug on it - I just can't find a suitable plug anywhere :-(