View Full Version : upgraded from xp pro to vister business

2008-04-29, 18:34
Since my SC box had my only spare sata and I need vister to use my blu ray drive, I decided to upgrade it to vister business.

The good news:

Everything except the HP 5500 (all-in-one) did not complain. I did use the vister upgrade adviser and it complained about a couple of other issues, but they were not a problem after install. The all-in-one reinstalls after each reboot... I'll reinstall later.

Performance seems as good. This was a real surprise. This is a Dimension 5150 (2.8Ghz dual-core/1.5Gb/120Gb/X300 graphics.) Re-scan after clear all is within 1 minute of xp pro. Service to the players only stutters as the SC box comes out of sleep.

Screen response is excellent using dual monitors at full resolution even though the "experience index" give the video a 2.0.

The bad news:

It took 6+ hours. Unlike my numerous other winders upgrades, this one did not take any input after the first 20 minutes (including the license number, etc.)

The system did correctly indicate that ('this could take hours....)