View Full Version : The duet is a "Top Ten" Gadget (According to Cnet & myself)

2008-04-29, 10:07
It's right up there with the WII ;) If you look at the review the Duet needs some user comments in there, the Sonos has far better user comments..


2008-04-29, 13:02
But the Sonos didn't make the top 10!! :-).

I agree that there should be more user comments. I''d provide one, but I don't have the new Duet - I have the "old" SB3.

The CNet reviewer gave it a pretty good review.

2008-04-30, 02:37
On Cnet they both have the same rating.. I can't believe that Sonos is so well looked upon. Have you ever held the remote? It's big and not sleek at all. The Zone Players industrial design is not up to date, No plugins, No digital out, etc..