View Full Version : WOL for Duet and XP?

2008-04-29, 07:48
Computer, router (Linksys) and Squeezebox are cabled together with Cat5 based on posts at this site to avoid two wireless loops and enable WOL.

I cannot figure out how to WOL.
If someone could provide very specific directions how to configure the computer I would be most appreciative.

Separate question:
Is there a way to tell whether the Squeezebox is using the ethernet cable or the wireless function?

2008-04-29, 08:07
You'll need to provide more info on your OS and perhaps NIC to be given precise instructions.

2008-04-29, 10:37
WoL won't work under all conditions. If you power up the Controller and Receiver from cold, there's no means to wake SqueezeCenter in standby. Once powered up (and SG woken by other means the first time) the Controller will retain it's capacity for WoL provided the network connection isn't lost etc.(whereupon it loses most of it menu options).

The above assumes that you bios settings and NIC have been appropriately configured for WoL.


2008-05-01, 16:46
OS: XP V5.1 Service pack 2
I have no idea what a NIC is nor how to find out which one I have.

The SB and Controller can be left on all the time.
I have looked up WoL at Microsoft support - not revealing.

Thanks for any help

Anoop M.
2008-05-01, 18:15
If this helps at all WOL for the Duet will not work.

There has been a feature request filed in our bug database about this issue.

Anoop M.
2008-05-01, 18:39
After reading through the forums a little, WOL might have been added in 7.0.1

2008-05-02, 00:11
After reading through the forums a little, WOL might have been added in 7.0.1

It was. And it works - sometimes. There's an open bug on the matter.