View Full Version : Skipping when streaming radio

2004-02-28, 14:47
I am using a Slimp3 on a wired network and a Squeezbox on 802.11b,
however this was happening on my Slimp3 before I got my Squeezbox
last week.

I go to a streaming radio, smoothjazz.com, and the stream comes in
fine for awile then it starts to pause for a split second every 2-3
seconds, almost sounds like its skipping. and it doesn't stop but
actually starts to get worse and eventualy sounds so bad you have to
stop the player. If I wait a bit and replay it sounds fine but starts
all over again after maybe 3-5 min. This happens on each on un synced
playing by themself (other unit is off) or when both are on & I sync
them. BTW, When I sync them they and they start to "skip" they fall
out of sync. I have a Cable Internet connection VIA NYC RoadRunner,
and I will have nothing else running on the line (like a online game)
to tax the connection so I can't see that being a problem. I tried
playing the station on iTunes and it plays fine no skipping ever.
I have a dedicated slimserver running on Win XP Pro on a 2.4ghz P4
with 1gb RAM connected to a wired 10/100 Ethernet switch, no other
programs other than Slimserver are running.
Using 5.1 and both Slimp3 and Squeezebox are up to date.

Ed W.