View Full Version : squeezecenter and slimp3slave volume control

2008-04-29, 05:21

I'm french so excuse me by advance for my bad english language.

I installed on a nas cs-406 (synology power pc like ds-101) ssods ans squeezecenter 7.

I plugged on a usb port an audio card to deliver sound.

I launched slimp3slave -b to play mp3 tracks.

From the squeezecenter web interface I play music and sound is OK.

My problem is that I can't control sound volume level. Volume don't increase or deacrease when I move the sound bar.

I tried squeezesoft, so the sound is very bad, I have very big latency and this soft seem to use high memory or cpu usage... I would like to try squeezeslave but I'm not sure that it's possible to control the volume sound, and compilation failed for this soft in my nas.

Is there a solution, a parameter to change to enable sound control on slimp3slave, or a patch to enable this function ? I want for the moment control my server from the web interface, after when all will be ok, I want to control the music server with a psp or nokia 770. So for that I need a full working solution.

Thanks for your help.