View Full Version : How good is the Squeezebox wireless reception? Bridged mode

2008-04-28, 16:20
Hi people,

How good is the Squeezebox at picking up weak wireless signals? I have one up in the bedroom, signal strength is about 20-25% but fluctuates a little. The squeezebox works pretty well, very happy with it.

I have just got my hands on a laptop and have networked it through the Squeezebox in bridge mode. Can browse the web ok on it, file transfers from another pc are quite slow. I'm also trying to stream satellite TV to the laptop, have a satellite tuner card in the pc. This doesn't really work, very choppy picture most of the time. But sometimes it does work ok, which is making me persevere. Works fine if the laptop is wired directly to the router.

Anyway, I am going to get a wireless adaptor for the laptop, is the squeezebox a good indicator of the signal strength I will get with the adaptor? Is the Squeezebox particulary good or particulary bad at picking up weak signals? I don't really have any experience with wireless networks - I just plugged the Squeezebox in and followed the instructions and it worked. Streaming TV is requiring a little more effort, and I suspect I might have to buy a better/more powerful wireless router.

Also, what's the best type of adaptor to get for the laptop - pcmcia card or usb dongle thing?

Thanks for any advice or comments,

2008-04-28, 16:44
In my experience the SB3 wireless card is pretty good, I use them in bridged mode in a few places in my house and where they have trouble other devices (i.e. laptops, iphone etc) also have trouble.