View Full Version : FF and Rew broken

Rod Savard
2004-02-28, 10:52
I am running the 2-28 SlimServer build and firmware 2.3 on my SLIMP3.

The time elapsed indicator gets all messed up under certain circumstances:

1) Start playing a song, wait a few seconds, then hold the rewind button.
It starts scanning at -2X and the time position jumps to something high,
like 0:50 even though it's definitely not at that position in the song. It
starts working backwards and then seems to hang at the beginning of the song
(but the time indicator will be at something like 0:40 or 0:50).

2) Start playing a song and hold the FF button. It will start scanning at
2X. Things seem fine. Press Rew to stop the scanning. Now press and hold
FF to start scanning forward again. The elapsed indicator jumps ahead quite
a bit. If you repeat this a couple times the elapsed indicator will go well
beyond the correct length of the song. Pressing Rew to stop the FF scanning
and it will usually jump to somewhere in the middle of the next song.