View Full Version : Anyone know when the duet player alone will be available?

2008-04-27, 08:29
I ordered 2 full systems and 3 additional players from JR back in February - well my 2 full systems have arrived but the players are still shown as not available (anywhere, I have checked all the sales sites).

Anyone have an idea of when they might be available? I am really looking forward to being able to use all 5 zones in my house vs. only have the 2 online presently.

2008-04-27, 13:29
Latest indication is the end of the month.

2008-04-27, 17:27
Thanks - by the end of the month do you mean April or May?

2008-04-28, 01:12
From another thread (posted 11/04/08):

Parts. The Squeezebox Controller and Squeezebox Receiver release dates haven't officially been announced, but at least for folks here in the US it should be by end of month. The schedules for other regions will vary a bit, but shouldn't lag too much.

And before you ask, it's not up to me to specify when or where they are available. How our regional sales organizations handle availability, channel, pricing, etc. is up to them. We build 'em; they sell 'em.

-=> Jim