View Full Version : Different stream file types for different players?

2008-04-27, 05:25
Is there a way to accomplish the following:

for my Transporter: stream FLAC as WAV, ALAC as AIFF, and WAV as WAV.
for my Duet: stream FLAC as FLAC, ALAC as FLAC, and WAV as FLAC.


WHY would I want to do this? My Transporter uses wired ethernet in a very high resolution stereo system and I prefer the sound of streaming audio as WAV rather than FLAC (please don't crucify me here, I can hear a difference like many others have in the Audiophile forum) vs. my Duet which is connected via wireless into a lower resolution bedroom system.

In other words... the Settings/Advanced/File Types preferences panel... is there a way to make those settings *Player* specific rather than server/system wide?

Thank you.