View Full Version : Display problems

2008-04-26, 22:19
We have a squeezebox 3 which we love. It is a great little device apart from one thing - it now has an intermittent display problem.

From time to time the top row of pixels are dead. It now happens more often than not. This is the case whether the unit is on or off. Everything else works as normal.

It is not a big deal - but it is annoying particularly when using the largest font (as the tops of the letters get cut off). I'm assuming this is a hardware issue but wondering if its worth upgrading to 7.0.1 which will upgrade the firmware just in case there is something screwy elsewhere.

We would rather not send the squeezebox off to be fixed if we can help it - we don't want to be without it!

2008-04-27, 12:18
Sounds like hardware to me. By all means try 7.0.1 but I doubt it will make any difference. Get in touch with support and see what they can offer.