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2008-04-26, 20:54
I'm sure this should be simple and should have been answered, but I didn't get an answer when I searched, both on the forum and with Google. It's likely I'm using the wrong terms, but I had too high a noise to signal ratio.

I'm running an older version of Slimserver that will be upgraded in the next month when I have time, but my server's been quite stable for a good while and I've basically been able to ignore the server in general as well as Slimserver unless I needed to add more music to my collection.

My version info:
SlimServer Version: 6.5.3 - 12376 - Debian - EN - iso-8859-1

I am using Icecast2 to pick up the data from my local sound card (which is from a radio on my favorite radio station) and output it as an Ogg stream. I'd like to add this stream to Slimserver so I can listen through any Squeezebox in my house (some rooms have a Squeezebox and no radio).

I can't see, on the Slimserver control panels, any way to add an Internet radio broadcast stream.

How can I add the Ogg stream Icecast2 is outputting to Slimserver?


2008-04-27, 09:30
I should add that I know there's the feature to tune to a URL, but that doesn't seem to store the URL I enter, so I have to type it in each time I want to switch back to that URL from listening to something else and it's only one URL so I can't add more when I want to add more stations that Slimserver doesn't include.

2008-04-27, 09:54
Install the MyPicks plugin see