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2008-04-26, 16:54
Can someone suggest why I would be having problems playing a stream (shoutcast 128kbps) through the squeezebox when I can play the exact same stream through my laptop without any problems at all? They both are using the same WiFi connection (signal > 90%). The squeezebox will sit there tripping over itself, stuttering, and rebuffering every few seconds while the player on my laptop happily produces music.

2008-04-26, 22:06
Please post the URL to the stream you are having problems with.

2008-04-26, 22:19
Buffersize ?

it is larger in the laptop.
And theres differences in the SqueezeBoxes the Slimp3 and Squeezebox v1 has smaller buffers.

You can set the buffer time for radio on Both SqueezeNetwork and your Local SqueezeCenter.
SN "players" then settings for the player then "network"
SC "settings" advanced tab then "network"

I have 3 or 4 seconds of course raising this means that you have to wait a little longer for playback to start.
You can have up to 30 seconds this may help a lot.

Does it behaves like this on all 128kbps channels ?
can you play your ripped music lossles around 700- 1500kbps then its not the wireless that is the problem

if some 128kps channels works fine and others don't I suspect the internet connection itself and related problems.

And sometimes some stations have problems needing larger buffers than an SB provides. I can play some 320Kbps channels and some lower rate stations justs die on me.
Thats the nature of internet radio, it is sometimes outside of yours or Squeezenetworks control.

Just my 0.02$

You can test the speed of your network via SqueezeCenter Help / Server & Network Health and then start the speed test.
strictly it probably tests the speed of your whole setup including server and firewall

2008-04-27, 14:26
So I found a way to connect a Cat-5 cable to the SB. So it's not really an issue anymore. It was Wild West Radio specifically that was having trouble with yesterday. But it tended to happen on just about any stream I was listening to, even low quality talk radio (~20kbps). If it becomes a problem again, I'll give the buffer time option a try. Thanks anyway for all your ideas.