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2008-04-26, 08:27
and suggestion for new a acronym, YAAP - Yet Another Acceleration Proposal

The SBC wheel acceleration/handling has come a long way, and is fairly good today. To make the user experience better I suggest:

1. Give some visual indication of the acceleration level. This would a) make it easier to learn how fast/slow long/short spinning of the wheel correlates with actual scrolling speed b) make it easier to speed up and slown down c) give a better user experience since instead of turning the wheel blindly, the user knows what is going on. The scroll bar is not good enough for this. One idea could be some kind of meter/gauge. E.g. an overlayed stack of horisontal bars.

2. Instead of just a fixed length prefix popup (i.e. the big letter), use a variable prefix length popup, and make it depend of the length of the list it represents. E.g. if I have 100 artists under A, and 20 under B. scrolling under A should not only show A, but also An, for e.g. Anabolic through Anxiety.

What do you say? Reasonable? Useful? If so I'll file a bug unless one exists.


2008-04-27, 10:36
This is certainly a good idea, although there may be other ways to make the wheel more practical.

Personally, I have far more than 100 artists. The current result is that to get to Z I need to spin my finger-tip like crazy for quite a while, and if I slip (must be getting old:-) ), I have to wait for it to speed up again. For me, a simple solution would be to have a small range of speed increments for slow browsing, with faster 'wheeling' simply advancing one letter of the alphabet every quarter second. I would then quickly be able to advance to the start letter, and use the slow mode to find my target. Pretty much the way we use one of those dictionaries with tabbed pages.

Any one else have better ideas?

2008-04-27, 12:04
On Sun, 27 Apr 2008 10:36:42 -0700, "adrianr"
<adrianr.38je4n1209318001 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com> said:
> Personally, I have far more than 100 artists. The current result is
> that to get to Z I need to spin my finger-tip like crazy for quite a
> Any one else have better ideas?

Yeah, scroll the other way around and get to Z almost instantly. ;)


2008-04-30, 05:23
Peter, nice one, thanks. Don't know why I thought it wouldn't go backwards (old Roku issue, perhaps). Nevertheless, my point still stands, as getting to the middle of the alphabet can be tedious:-)

2008-05-01, 22:09
in a future hardware revision they could include a button at the top and bottom of the wheel under the wheel itself, and that'd be up and down, and each depress could go whole letters, or multiple letters by option.

Paul Webster
2008-05-02, 01:59
See also this old thread - and the references to Dasher.