View Full Version : Some albums not getting scanned

2008-04-25, 14:53
Before 7.0, I remember being able to add any folder of any name with any audio files to my hard drive's music folder and my Transporter would find it and play it.

Recently I added three albums, two from the same artist, by copying the audio files into the music folder and into appropriate artist/album folders. None of them automatically showed up in squeezecenter/transporter, so I rescanned the library. Now only one album shows up and plays while another album in the same artist folder isn't seen at all. Any reason why this is happening?

2008-05-01, 15:09
This may be obvious and unhelpful, but I had this problem recently and realized it was because of a stupid mistake I was making. It appears that 7.0 -- at least my installation -- defaulted not to allow automatic rescanning for music. You have to go into settings and turn on the auto-rescan. Once I did that, no more problems.

Regarding your issue of some albums not showing up after a manual rescan, I used to have this problem before 7.0, when an album's composer was the same as its artist. I'm not sure if that bug has been fixed or not, but it used to prevent that particular album from being scanned. The workaround is just to change the composer to something different, and the album will get picked up.

2008-05-01, 17:24
nasty bug. i hope its fixed.

i know in the past sometimes strange characters prevented scanning.