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Simon Turner
2004-02-27, 17:15
I'm getting a bit lost here.
If you read the EAC web site, the guy who makes it goes on about it's
ability (in secure mode) to read the CD "bit by bit", and re-read it until
it's sure it has an *exact copy* of the CD. If it can't achieve it (perhaps
because the CD is just too knackered) it either gives up or logs it as an
error and continues (depending upon how you have set it up). This for any CD
drive, although I imagine results vary. My Plextor drive has only ever
failed with one CD.
The "bit by bit" reading and the fact it will re-read it until it is sure it
has an exact copy of the CD is what sets EAC apart from the other rippers.
I imagine that fact that it does not have to read it as you are trying to
listen to the CD it is reading is just one of the reasons it reads CDs
better than a normal audio CD player.

I am pretty certain I have exact copies of every CD that I own (bar one). Of
course I could always use EAC's Paranoid mode instead if i were err....
paranoid.... :-(

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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> >Yep, I understand you can't get better than bit accurate
> Plextor used to sell CD-R drives that had special circuitry that was
> supposed to produce bit-accurate reads of audio CDs. I don't know if
> they advertise that in their current products or not.
> Kevin
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