View Full Version : How DO you uppgrade sw in the Controller ?

2008-04-25, 12:58
Realy, theres a lot of treads about it, but i haven't seen an actual description on exactly how to do it.

And i mean exactly, as i'm new to it (got it yesterday).

There seem's to be at least three way's (probably more).

Controller somehow updates itself from the latest Squeezecenter you installed ? or is this wrong, i cannot see the actual file anywhere ?

Controller updates from SqueezeNetwork ?

Is it supposed to autoupdate even if you don't install an newer build of SC ?

The SD card method, mentioned in passing phrases but how ?

I want to know because my controler is at r2287 while the latest build suggests another version r2353 or r2354.

I'm also eager to get WOL working and I'm unsure if r2287 has it ?


2008-04-25, 13:08
it "upgraded" to r2097 ;-)

edit: .....and now back to r2287 per suggestion from SC 7.0.1 19133 ?

2008-04-25, 13:17
Each version of the server has a related SBC version (or set of versions). When you connect to a server it will make sure the SBC is at the correct version and if not, trigger an update automatically. That's all you should ever have to do as a normal user. But obviously, if you move between server versions, you may get different versions of the firmware.

If you're running prod 7.0 you'll see basically no updates. If you're running one of the dev versions (7.0.1 or 7.1) you'll get pretty frequent updates (often daily) even if you don't update the server itself, because it automatically downloads and pushes SBC updates from slimdevices. If you want to run a specific version of the firmware you'll need to install the appropriate version of the server.

The SD card method is used when the network update is broken for some reason, you copy the firmware image onto an SD card and stick it in the SBC, then on the update menu there's an option to flash from that version. Useful when a firmware bug breaks the network stack :)

2008-04-25, 13:35
i think, i read that you should rename the file to jive.bin ? or will it work anyway.

I'm perfectly happy running 7.0.1 otherwise, as it sort's out many other things.

It's says on the site that 7.0 is the safe and stable, but my experience is that most of the time the beta is better.


2008-04-25, 14:50
It should already be called jive.bin...

2008-04-25, 22:54
The file included in SC is called jive.bin. But I you download it manually you must reneme it to jive.bin