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Pietje Puk
2008-04-25, 00:02

There is something I do not understand regarding Internetradio on my Squeezebox. I have wireless connection with the music files on my PC, this works fine. However if I select Internetradio I get the message: "Stream controlling", than "Connecting" and finally "Connection Timed out". In the settings I increased the Radiostation buffer seconds and timeout already to 20.

I only can get Internetradio connection if I have SoftSqueeze running on my PC (after selecting synchronize from settings on my Squeezebox). Does this mean I always have to have SoftSqueeze running on my PC if I want to listen Internetradio on my Squeezebox? Or are there any wrong setting?

I have Squeezebox V3, Firmware: 86, SqueezeCenter 7.0, SoftSqueeze 3.6 and Linksys WRT54GS ver.6. wireless router.

Thanks for helping me out.

2008-04-25, 05:54
Sounds like your network is setup in such a way as to prevent the SB from reaching the internet itself. This usually happens when you manually setup the network settings and have wrong values for gateway or DNS server. So the SB can see your server (to play local files) but when you ask it to play a stream it can't find the host. The reason it works when you sync it to another player is that in this scenario the server acts as a proxy for the stream - the stream is actually requested by the server and then forwarded on to the players.

You have two options, either fix the network issue or there's a setting somewhere in SC (I forget where, sorry!) to use the proxy technique all the time for radio streams. That should fix it for you.