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2008-04-24, 22:54
I just got a Duet today, and was planning to replace my SB2 in my media center, and put the SB2 in the bedroom as a remote display.

Unfortunately, that won't work!

I have been using my whole-house automation system (a StarGate) and my distributed audio system keypads (Xantech MRC-44) to control basic Squeezebox functions- on, off, play, pause, stop, skip.

StarGate starts up the SB2 in the morning, and turns it off when I turn off the lights at night, leave the house, etc.

With the new Duet receiver, there is no way apparently to control it with IR commands!

That seems very short-sighted on Logitech/Slim Devices' part, since the IR interfaces were already there, and just having a jack would've been sufficient to interface the Duet with either an automation system or a programmable remote control.

Other than stringing IR wires to the bedroom or using one of those Radio Shack IR to RF things, is there any way to get IR signals into a Duet receiver?

Has anyone hacked a solution to this? I noticed there are several unused connectors inside the receiver- any place to hook up a cable from a Xantech IR block?

It would also be nice to be able to go the other way and control the AV equipment via IR from the Duet, although I don't really need to do that.



2008-04-25, 13:35
The Receiver was designed to be used with the Controller, so no IR control is needed. Even if there were an IR sensor there, there's no display to see what's going on, so navigation is essentially impossible.

Since you bought a Duet and it came with the Controller, why wouldn't it work?

2008-04-25, 13:58
There does however appear to be provision on the receiver PCB for an IR receiver
http://www.electricstuff.co.uk/sbduet.html (bottom of page)

2008-04-25, 15:29
It won't work because I can't stop or turn off the Duet Receiver from my Home Automation system or my Universal remote control, since they use IR to control AV equipment, and have no provisions to operate devices over an IP connection.

They work fine with my other Squeezeboxes, so as long as I keep my SB2 with the rest of the media equipment, I can control it. But I wanted to replace the SB2 with the Duet Receiver, and put the SB2 somewhere else to use as a remote song display.

Any ideas how I could connect the IR signal to one of the connectors inside the Duet?


2008-04-25, 15:34
Sounds like you should have bought another SB "Classic" instead of an SB receiver. You might want to take advantage of the 30-day return policy. You can always buy a Controller when they are eventually sold separately.

2008-04-26, 08:59
Any ideas how I could connect the IR signal to one of the connectors inside the Duet?

Unlikley to be worth trying as I doubt there is any firmware support for it.

2008-04-28, 12:22
So does anyone know for sure if the IR can be enabled on the Duet receiver?