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2008-04-24, 14:17
I am trying to manage 300+ gigs of music and serve it up quickly throughout my network. The apps that come with squeezebox arevery slow.
*I've tryed Media Monkey - (fastest yet- to index all of my music and tagg as well)
* I'd love to use itunes, but with a high volume of files it doesn't work very well either, love the album viewer, but hate how it wants to take over and no easy way to create playlists on the fly.

Can anyone recommend a streamline app that can handle large(300gig+) librarys of music that will work well with my squeezebox as well as a way to index/tag and also rib/burn files?

I have a small dedicated p4 that only runs squeeze center, winamp....

I want to buy the new duet remote with my existing squeezebox, but want to find a solid application to manage/index/tag and play my music...hopfully using the remote.
I like the idea of having unteathered access to all my music and be able to instantly create or add a song to a playlist as I listen (because you never know what might come on next in a shuffle play environment.

Also if anyone has bought the duet remote....is it fast and easy access?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2008-04-24, 14:43
If you want to use a Squeezebox you basically have to use SqueezeCenter as the server, there's nothing else out there which supports them. For tagging, there are a number of recommendations here: http://mwiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/BeginnersGuideToTagging. Personally I get the tags right when I rip (using EAC) and rarely have to change them. If I do I usually use foobar2k.

If you're looking for something like iTunes but which doesn't have the same monopolistic tendancies that it does, you could try something like J River, it's pretty decent.

How many files are in your library? 300gb doesn't sound particularly large, but if they're all 100kbps mp3 I guess it could be :) Many people use SC7 with libraries well into 5 figures.