View Full Version : Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this....so I will

Ken Crozier \(kcrozier\)
2004-02-27, 11:14
I've been amused how quickly the squeezebox has become the standard with
my friends after they saw mine. So far 5 friends have purchased them,
and one friend in France had bought a rather more expensive wireless
media player and soon realized that a) you need a TV to configure it
which he does not own and, b) it does not interact with itunes or any
other library systems well. He is now in the process of ordering a
squeezebox or two....

Just an absolutely fantastic product !!!!!

Now to my question, has anybody thought of building a squeezebox for
streaming movies, I guess other than a MPEG codec in the device and a
s-video or composite video addition what more would you need ?

Just a thought