View Full Version : Shrinking Playlists

2008-04-23, 17:41
I have SqueezeCenter 7.01 (4-23 nightly) running on a Windows Home Server with 4 sb2/3 players and a duet controller. My problem is that my playlists shrink after each access. What I mean by this is if I have a playlist called ROCK and I have Song1 Song2 and Song3 in the list, and if I start playing the playlist and then pause during Song1 or move to another playlist for a a while, when I navigate back to this playlist it now only shows Song2 and Song3. If I then play this newly abbreviated list and let Song2 and Song3 play to completion, now my playlist appears empty. Essentially, once a song is accessed by the playlist it disappears (the file is still on the server and the playlist text file still is complete, but none of this shows on the playlist display either on the SB2/3 or the duet controller). The only way to restore the playlist is to delete and rescan the library and playlists. Oddly, if I access the playlist from a PC webbrowser it displays fine. Has anyone else seen this?

2008-04-24, 01:28
I had the same thing on my WHS setup - a reboot of the server seems to have cured it though