View Full Version : Change Menus on Duet Controller?

2008-04-23, 15:57
I have four existing SB2/3s players and with each have used the SqueezeCenter software to modify the Home Menu items. I have just added Duet controller to the setup, but can not find out how to edit its display menus. I had hoped it would honor the settings for the given player it was set to control, but I would settle for a separate option window to set the menus for the duet controller. I am missing something, or is this not an option?


2008-04-23, 17:08
It's not an option at this time. The controller software is a new and
distinct api, so some features from SC had to be left out in order to get
the important stuff working. The design is there to eventually allow it,

2008-04-23, 17:49
Thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully the SlimDevices folks fix this, as I try to make this stuff as "wife-proof" as possible.