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2004-02-27, 11:12
Hi kdf,

Checked the db file size for one of my libraries approx 35000 songs after 30 minutes of scanning and it was approx 10 meg.. the interesting thing is that my tag editor ID3 Tag-it can scan the same folder in about half the time.... didn't read it all to check every song was there though!!!
looking at the memory usage on task manager it was up at approx 90 meg while playing songs from this library I guess that all song details are held in memory enabling the very fast response time.. seems a bit odd that there is this difference in size.. I can't think of anything else apart from the titles that slim would use 90 meg memory for... I guess if for some reason the db file isn't complete that would force slim to rescan every time...


kdf <slim-mail (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com> wrote:
Quoting richard coe :

> Kevin,
> Couldn't agree more!!! I too have caching enabled... doesn't seem to make
> much, impact, of course i could buy a dedicated server but that still doesn't
> solve the problem of wanting to incorporate my new mp3 files of a single
> album in the database within thirty seconds or less, - if I'm having a party
> generally we want music and we want it NOW !!!!! If we're really getting
> after it the attention span is measured in milliseconds !!!!
> The only way i have to get round it is to switch my amp to another channel
> and play new stuff through winamp and a sonica m-audio USB external card but
> this isn't ideal....
> Creatives new system is no where near as pretty, having to navigate round a
> large music library on whats basically a cell phone can't be good but I bet
> they've got something sorted on the file management / ID3 tag database sort
> of issue... So being pro the small guys hopefully something can happen ,
> unfortunately I don't know anything about Perl for windows - not much call
> for it in drilling these days!!!
> I'd be quite happy to dedicate a special 250 gig drive just for the static
> library if that's what it takes.... in fact that's what I've got already....
> Rich

at some point, the tag cache wasn't working in Windows, due to some issue with
the Storable module that handles the database. Have you run slim.exe --d_info
to confirm that the database in actually being used? I only have 10k songs, but
I can certainly see a difference. I'm using Linux so I dont have the same
issue. Also worth noting, the static file left behind by storable is 9M on my
system. You can only start up as fast as that file can be read into memory.
Assuming a linear ramp, 70k songs would be 60-70M of static library which would
need to be loaded and oerganised into the memeory cache.