View Full Version : Squeezeslave & PulseAudio (esp. on Fedora)

2008-04-22, 01:24
Hi all,

I have been struggling to get Squeezeslave working on Fedora 8, and play nicely with other audio applications especially PulseAudio.

Finally, I hope I have found the answer: padsp. padsp is a PulseAudio wrapper for applications that output sound using the old "oss" sound system. It replaces "aoss".

So for those running KDE (I have tested Fedora 8 only), drop the following two lines into a file called ~/.kde/Autostart/squeezeslave for the user that usually logs into the machine.

padsp /opt/squeezeslave --signal --retry --volume sw --oldplayer yourserver &

Obviously, you need to change the name of the server. You can start squeezeslave any way you wish. Even /etc/rc.local if you so desire.

Anyway, hopefully that helps somebody and puts all the info in one place.