View Full Version : transcoding on for some players only?

2008-04-21, 18:11
I know how to turn transcoding-at-the-server off (settings/advanced/file types/disable).
But now I want transcoding on for one player (I've got softsqueeze set up on a PC at work) but not for the rest of my players.
To test things, I'm running softsqueeze on a PC at home, playing a FLAC-encoded tune. Using the web-interface I should be able to, say, click the progress bar in the middle and have playback jump to that point. This doesn't work, which makes me think that, when I enabled transcoding for my player at work, I enabled it for all my players.
I'm sure there's a setting somewhere to do this, but I can't find it, and would be really appreciative if someone would point it out to me.
Thanks! (not feeling really smart or observant at the moment...)

2008-04-21, 18:16
Easiest way is to just bandwidth limit your work player. This will force it to transcode everything to mp3.

Undo your changes on the other players.

Slightly more complex: if you look in convert.conf, you can apply rules to any player.

2008-04-21, 19:16
I'll check out convert.conf...

2008-04-22, 03:42
The easiest way is to go into the settings for the player you want to transcode, go to the audio settings, and under Bitrate Limiting pick the bitrate you want for that player.

2008-04-22, 05:56
I'd figured that (any kind of conf takes a bit of figuring-out), but the player I'm seeing this inability-to-skip-forward behavior with is not bandwidth limited.
I guess I should first disable FLAC transcoding altogether and see if the behavior changes.
The player I'm checking is softsqueeze on a PC. SPDIF out to a receiver with a halfway decent DAC, but still, I don't really care that streams to this particular player are being transcoded (if, indeed, they are) but that my hardware players may have this happening, too...

2008-04-22, 06:54
I don't think you can use the web UI to skip ahead in a track. I certainly can't test it now since I'm at work and everything streamed here is transcoded...

Two ways to see if a player is getting a transcoded stream: In the web UI (specifically the Fishbone skin) the current track will show the title and artist and if transcoded will show something like "Converted to 128k CBR" or something similar. Another way is on your player (Softsqueeze included) go to the info on the track itself (press right in Now Playing) and scroll down to Bitrate. If it's being transcoded it will show it here.

2008-04-22, 18:31
Cool! I'd forgotten about the bitrate being available right at the player.
I have a vague memory of being able to skip forward using the web interface, but clearly I must be misremembering. Sigh...
Thanks for getting me straightened out (and yes, the player is not being transcoded).