View Full Version : What do you do when your SB/TP locks up?

2008-04-21, 15:37
1) Go to the trouble of getting behind your stereo rack and unplugging it?
2) Rebooting your computer?
3) Stopping and restarting SS?

Which one is the most effective?

2008-04-21, 15:52
4)Don't remember because it's so infrequent.

2008-04-21, 17:26
Mine don't lockup very often. Last time when I was testing something specific that was known to make it crash. :-)

2008-04-22, 03:08
My TP still locks up occasionally - say perhaps once per week if I am using it regularly. Happens when I am doing something with the remote and suddenly the responsiveness stops and the music in the buffer plays out before stopping. Neither the remote nor the buttons in the front panel have any effect and the only way is to remove the power cord and re-insert. Annoying but not impossible to live with.

I would however really like to know what causes it and whether it can be cured.


2008-04-22, 03:46
Both of my SB3s were acting up yesterday so I pretty much figured out that SqueezeCenter was the culprit. I just restarted it and everything was back to normal.

That's the first time SqueezeCenter or SlimServer have needed a restart in over 2 years because it was acting up. I don't think my SB3s have ever really locked up, but I have been in some situations where the IR Blaster settings got set on the wrong player and I couldn't get any audio out of the headphone jack until I unplugged it.

2008-04-22, 04:38
4)Don't remember because it's so infrequent.
I honestly don't remember any of my players to lock up.
Even when I changed the encryption on my WLAN recently I didn't have to restart/replug anything to get the players going again.


2008-04-22, 05:20
I use the nightly builds, and while occasionally I get a stutter, I've not had to reboot the SBs for months, and the WinXP box lasts about a week, only being rebooted for non-SS matters.

So my beta stuff is pretty well 100% stable.

My (beta hardware and firmware) controller seems less stable - about once a week I need to power cycle it, although it is off each night as a matter of course.

2008-04-22, 06:15
I don't remember any of my players locking up to the point where press-and-hold-power didn't work, but I'm sure it's happened at some point in the dim & distant past. Never had to restart SS/SC for anything other than an upgrade. SBC has been known to lockup though - I tend to just pop the battery.

2008-04-22, 06:30
Press and hold the on/off button on the remote to force a power cycle... it works.

2008-04-24, 19:49
Press and hold the on/off button on the remote to force a power cycle... it works.

Thanks I'll try that. I think I've found one culprit. If the computer goes to sleep and wakes back up TP seems to have more problems afterward. I can start and listen to things and SC shows running but it locks up more often. I think SC has some sort of issue waking back up completely. A partial solution I've found is stop and restart SC before listening and after the computer is awake.

2008-08-14, 11:48
my remote locks up almost daily. I have to removed the battery each time for it to restart. Anyone have this happen?

2008-08-14, 12:05
If any of my SB's or my Transporter were to ever lock up, I would not take a band-aid approach like "just reboot the server and then it will be fixed until it breaks again". Seriously, if a device breaks so frequently that you have a known regular routine for fixing it, why use it? I'd return the damn thing.

If this happens at all, there is obviously a serious problem with your setup, period. Call support--that's what they're there for. It sounds like the OP's problem is that his computer goes to sleep but doesn't wake up properly. The solution to that problem is to either fix the computer or set it not to go to sleep. Others may have problems with their wireless network--fix the network properly once, and you don't have to have to always do these awful workarounds.

2008-08-14, 12:25
I have 5 SB3's (I also pre-ordered a Boom on Amazon) and I can't remember the last time that any of them locked up. All but one are wired directly and I mainly only use release versions of SC.

2008-08-14, 12:59
1) Go to the trouble of getting behind your stereo rack and unplugging it?

Which one is the most effective?

Get a rack power surge protector / line conditioner.

- protects all AV components from surges/spikes
- cleaner power to all AV gear
- easier/cleaner (less cluttered) power connections for all AV components
- simple POWER OFF switch on front to re-boot any/all devices as needed (same as unplugging the devices)

Howard Passman
2008-08-14, 14:03
....on the Duet receiver that I drag around with me, I can make it lock up by turning the Controller off. Ever time. To get the receiver working again, I just cycle the power to it.

This receiver runs wireless. My other runs on Ethernet and I don't have the issue.

It's no bother now since I know what to do. Besides, my middle name is "Reboot" because that's how I fix 80% of the problems at work :-)


2008-08-14, 14:06
Only my Transporter locks up, albeit not that often.

2008-08-14, 23:16
Neither of my two SBCs, my receiver, my SB3s, my SB+ or my Transporter ever lock up (and I usually run beta software).


2008-08-14, 23:28
Had my SB3 for almost 3 years of constant use - never seen a lock up, even with all the beta's. Not saying i have had no problems, but the problems i have had have always been Slimserver/Squeezecenter issues, never a hardware lock up.

2008-08-15, 01:12
Pretty much the same as Autopilot and ModelCitizen here.

I have had wireless problems, but that either been because of half a dozen other networks in the area trying to share the same channel, or a router that was slowly dying at the start of this year. Oh and having both the server and SB3 on wirless with my old Netgear never worked, but that was Netgears fault.

Other than that I can't say I've ever had reliability problems with my setup.

2008-08-15, 03:41
I have two SB3... never locks up
Transporter stopped locking up after SC 7.1
Controller.... well.... all the time.