View Full Version : How to downgrade SBC from 7.1x to 7.0.1x

2008-04-20, 10:58
I had been experimenting with some of the beta software and nightly builds and installed Jive 7.1 r2291 on my SBC. I'm running into some wireless connectivity issues on the SBC and I'm trying to narrow down things and remove things that have changed.

I have attempted to downgrade to 7.0.1 r2287 a number of times. Once when the automatic upgrade notification popped up on my screen and proposed upgrading to 7.0.1 r2287. After dealing with the recent upgrade problem it was able to succeed but the "About" screen still reports 7.1 r2291. I then attempted to do it via the SD/ssh method and again the upgrade was able to succeed but the "About" screen still reports 7.1 r2991.

Is the version reporting wrong or is the downgrade really not occurring?

2008-04-21, 00:02

Have you uninstalled the "old" version before trying to downgrade?
(has been working perfectly for me on Windows)


2008-04-21, 09:13
Thanks for the reply but I was actually asking about the Squeezebox Controller (SBC) that comes with the Duet, not the SqueezeCenter (SC) installed on your music server.