View Full Version : Wiping out the library - is there a quick method?

2008-04-19, 15:21
I'm in the process of testing MiP/ SC7 integration on my NAS. As I've a large library and rescanning it takes a long time I'm looking for a quick way to "drop" all records in SC7's underlying DB without destroying the database integrity, eg deleting records in tables that SC7 uses that have little to do with an individual's actual library.

What is the simplest/ quickest way to achieve this so that I can repoint SC7 to a subset of my library and get on with testing rather than listen to a pointless Clear and Rescan take forever to clear the existing library and scan nothing...? I'm quite happy to do this from a 3rd party tool or command line if needs be.

2008-04-19, 15:28
The simplest way to clear the library is to do the clear and rescan. Apart from the fact that, I believe, it does the clear bit really quickly if you were to do it any other way and there was a problem how would you know if it was your integration or the method of clearing the database.

For integration testing I'd highly recommend that you use the system as designed then you know any problems are with the integration.

2008-04-19, 17:50
For integration testing I'd highly recommend that you use the system as designed then you know any problems are with the integration.Precisely what I'm wanting to do, but ridding oneself of large library's records doesn't seem to be quite as simple as I'd have liked. My conclusion is that in order to quickly kill SC7's library, the best thing to do is point it to a single album folder as your library source and then to run a clear and rescan everything.

I've now resorted to that and hopefully will have MiP integration up in a while without having to have my full library scanned. I've moved a few albums into a temp folder and pointed SC as well as MiP headless to that for the purposes of further testing. I guess I should have started there rather than unleash SC on an 80k+ track library, hell I could have been done by now (the entire library has already undergone MiP analysis).

Still, if anyone knows of a quick MySQL backdoor script to do the dirty when SC wants to do otherwise I'm all for it. A drop and recreate the entire DB would seem the most efficient method?

2008-04-19, 20:33
I did it by a similar method. To find out where I was getting duplicate albums I left SB alone but renamed my library to a different name. When I ran the scan it cleared and only found the dups which turned out to be from my playlists. Fixed them and named the library back. A quick way to solve a problem.

2008-04-19, 21:12
I think you're mistaken. The "clear" portion of a clear/rescan takes just a fraction of a second - maybe a few seconds on a very slow machine. It's just the way the scanner works that it appears to take a long time before anything appears in library. It traverses the entire library, making a list of every audio file, before it starts to scan the file contents.

2008-04-20, 15:35
thx. My mistake was not setting SC to look at a single folder or only a subset of my library before making configuration changes that then triggered a rescan.