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2004-02-26, 10:16
In my own listening tests I compared the analog audio outputs of the
squeezebox with the digital out being fed into the DAC of my older model
flagship Yamaha receiver. I used an SPL meter to make sure volume levels
were comparable between listening tests.

There was no comparison... with the analog outputs the bass was muddy, and
the sound was just "dirtier" than with the digital output.

My setup was pretty modest too, Squeezebox to the Yamaha receiver which then
goes to a pair of Paradigm Monitor 5 speakers.

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>We spent about 2 hours running A/B testing (although not blind)

There is no question that any sort of scientifically valid comparison
_must_be_blinded_ and ideally _double_blinded_ to avoid observer
bias. A/B testing where you know which is the $6k system and which
isn't really has no validity. The observations may be correct, but
the testing as performed offers no support of that conclusion.

I would be very interested in seeing the results of an appropriately
double blinded setup, but don't have the $6k to spend on the other
setup. :-)

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