View Full Version : No screensaver when receiving a stream?

2004-02-26, 07:03
Quoting kdf:

> The design changed such that if you are playing something and
> displaying the Now
> Playing screen, that this would be the screensaver.

Makes sense. I'm glad it was an intentional change rather than a
corruption of my installation.

> The text is in motion so that shoud lsuffice. It should still dim
> after the timeout. Either way, the
> kinds of time involved for actual burn-in would amount to a great deal
> of
> listening to the same stream without interruption. The main purpose
> of the
> screensaver, really, is as a plaything.

As I suspected...

> Does your display at least dim during the playback? Is the behaviour
> different
> when playing songs vs internet radio streams?

Brightness is set to the lowest setting (DIM), so I never see any
dimming. No difference between Internet stream and song playback.

Thanks for the reply... I'll quit picking nits and go back to enjoying
the SB! :)

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