View Full Version : Audio dropout at start of new playlist

2008-04-18, 11:53
Eversince I upgraded to SC7 I get an audio dropout of several seconds when I start a new playlist:

- click 'play' on an album
- first song plays a few seconds
- a few seconds silence, gui frozen
- audio resumes

after that no more dropouts, even in repeat mode.

sometimes I see cpu go to 50%

SqueezeCenter 7
Squeezebox 2
server = AMD 3500+ 1GB ram (plenty free), W2K with almost no other software taking cpu

Sq6 ran flawless...


2008-04-19, 01:19
More info:

* the cpu usage rise has nothing to do with it, I now observed it happening with only 5% load and no disk activity

* it always happens at playlist start, even if there are no webbrowsers open and I start it using the remote

is this a known issue? Any new beta that fixes this?

why did I ever upgrade to version 7 :(

Phil Leigh
2008-04-19, 02:58
Are you running anti-virus software? - Sounds like the playlist is being scanned...maybe.
The .exe has changed in version 7.x to Squeezecenter.exe from slimserver.exe - you may need to tweak your anti-virus settings?

2008-04-19, 03:32
yes I run AV software, it is a windows box, remember ;)
I also run a firewall (kerio)

No seriously, I've never had to tweak anything of McAfee to get any software running. The firewall has been told to stay clear of the Squeezebox traffic.

I just tried disabling AV runtime monitoring and my firewall completely but it does not fix it.

I did find that when trying more it *sometimes* plays correctly, and with disabled AV and firewall it more frequently works fine, but that is zero statistical proof... Most of the time I get this gap. And *sometimes* there are short audio bursts during the gap, as if it tries to play but has insufficient audio in the buffer.

any logging I can enable to find what's wrong?