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Kevin Hawkins
2004-02-26, 07:01
I have found that while the 'tag database' does speed things up a
little it's not by the amount that I had hoped for. I am not even sure it's
working right for me on XP. I also have 70,000 tracks and when I restart my
server with the tag database enabled the SliMP3 players screens do not even
'appear' until a good 10-15 minutes after startup - which for a consumer
product I feel is a serious flaw as it makes people feel it's not working.
The web server is also unavailable. After this 'blackout' of 10 mins the
library is still not yet available and steadily grows as the indexing of the
whole library is further undertaken. I am not convinced this 'tag' option is
supposed to even require the index - but it still does it. Avoiding that
seemed to be the purpose of the TAG option. It takes a good 45 mins to
complete still. Without the 'tag' option enabled it does take longer though
- over an hour. This is on a 512MB XP machine - 1.2GHz - mostly dedicated to
the SliMP3 Server and 8 players. My reboots happen with the necessity of
say Windows Updates and track management.

Like Richard I have previously asked about the possibility of a
'static' library and a 'additions' library area that could have the most
recent albums added/removed and rescanned / incorporated quickly. It was
suggested this could already be achieved using a separate directory and
navigating into this from the SliMP3 causing the directory to be re-read and
updated but this is partially broken on the current releases. (Bug Report


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> > Hi
> > Is anyone else fed up with waiting for their library's
> to scan? Maybe
> > I'm just doing something stupid but as I have to use the
> machine thats
> > my server to run other stuff sometimes it has to reboot
> or i just
> > crash the ****** thing...
> Enabling the MP3 Tag Database should make rescans pretty
> snappy at the expense of extra RAM usage.