View Full Version : Squeezebox SP-DIF parameters

Patrick Lim
2004-02-26, 03:20
>What's the sound quality like when it's going through the DAC? Is
>it as good as a CD transport?

Well, I haven't done any A/B comparisons, but it is almost as good as
before, though prior to this I was using a bog standard DVD player as the
digital source. (BTW, the P3A plays through an Audiolab 8000A and Epos ES11

Highs seem slightly less sweet than before, but I am using the toslink. I'm
going to switch back to the coax. I just re-read the P3A spec and I don't
think it re-clocks the signal (the companion P1A does that - next upgrade!),
so it could be susceptible to jitter problems. I need to read more about
this subject.

What we really need is someone with the right equipment to check the SPDIF
output for accuracy...

Then again, the convenience of all my music on tap can cover up a multitude
of sins! ;-)