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2008-04-16, 19:28
Hi all.
I just received my SB-Duet today and hooked it up. I installed SqueezeCenter on my Linux box (but I'll get to that in a different thread :( ) then installed it on my XP box (sigh). The XP version found my music happily.

Next, I connected the SB-D to my network (wired) and the controller WiFi. All network connections acknowledged (IP, hostnames, etc). Audio was connected through both the RCA cables that came with it and a set that I know worked from another component. I connected the SB-D to my Sony Bravia Component In 1 L/R and set the input to that source.

Next... PLAY. It found the songs and the controller displayed the meta-info.
The display shows it restarting the song every 15 to 30 seconds and no sound comes out of the speakers.
I also tried playing a radio station but no luck.

I am thinking of getting an optical/digital cable to connect it to see if, by some odd coincidence, the RCA plugs are bad on the SB-D but that seems like a long shot.

Any ideas anyone?

2008-04-16, 20:03
I would plan on contacting support at your earliest convenience in case all else fails, and in the meantime trying to update the firmware on the controller , which IME is a good indicator of whether you actually do have a good wireless connection or not.

Have you tried opening the web interface at http://<servier ip or localhost>:9000, to see if the progress bar keeps resetting there too?

2008-04-16, 23:28
The resetting sounds like something is breaking the connection: perhaps firewall or antivirus software is interfering?

2008-04-18, 20:30
I updated the controller and it is running 7.0 r2097. The receiver is running Firmware version 22 and has a signal strength of 81 (whatever that means).

The song progress bar on the controller seems to go back to zero after about 30 seconds (repeatedly). The progress bar on the browser does so after about 6 seconds.

I tried with the antivirus turned off and no change.

2008-04-19, 00:46
Next... PLAY. It found the songs and the controller displayed the meta-info.
The display shows it restarting the song every 15 to 30 seconds and no sound comes out of the speakers.
I had exactly the same problem with mine.

First, you can check that your receiver can indeed produce sound by running in "disco" mode :
- Unplug its power cord
- Plug again and press its button at the same time

The LED will cycle through colors and basic frequencies will be played on outputs.

If everything's okay, you may need to reset it :
- Press its button for about 6 seconds
- Use the controller to configure it again (I guess you'll need to go back to the Controller's main menu by pressing the 'back' button for few seconds)

Hope this'll help.


2008-04-19, 04:14
Thanks Seb.

I did as you suggested and the colors started cycling. No sound through the TV.

Next, I unhooked it from the TV and hooked up a pair of wireless headphones that I use with the TV (known to work). Still no tones.

Next, I unplugged and plugged in the SB just to see if the tell-tale "quiet thump" happens at power up and power down. I did hear a "thump" (for lack of a better description) through the headphones both at SB power up and power down. This confirms that the RCA jacks are, indeed, connected inside the SB but, for some reason, sound it not being routed to them by internal circuitry.

Did you try anything else?

2008-04-19, 05:39
As far as I can remember, I had also noted a problem with volume control on the receiver (stuck to "mute"). As I had big troubles with my controller (and still have in fact, think its wireless board is flacky), I just started anything from scratch. Thus, I believe I had reinitialized my receiver *before* I entered disco mode.

Since you can hear pops when powering on/off the receiver, I too think it's not hardware related. Try reinitializing first and then enter test mode, it may help (it did for me).

2008-04-19, 14:48

I had confirmation from two other people on the forum whose SBR had the same symptoms that they were able to get the sound back by reseting their SBR (6 seconds button push). So there's no reason why it could not solve your problem too.


2008-04-19, 19:28
Thanks Seb!

I expect that your suggestions solved my problems. The unit now plays happily. I am not sure of the button sequence because I had planned to try some directed experiments later this evening. However, I had left the TV with audio going to the RCS out and not to speakers and my low tech wife started pushing buttons on everything to get the TV to work. When I got back to it, the SB played. It seems that she figured that the SB might be blocking the sound so she started pushing buttons on it as well.

Or, to word it differently, my wife may have fixed it by accident. :)

Short answer, something worked but I don't exactly know what the sequence is.

Now if I can only get the Linux version of SqueezeCenter working!


2008-04-19, 19:49
Now if I can only get the Linux version of SqueezeCenter working!

We have a separate section of these forums just for Linux/Unix.

I've been running SqueezeCenter (and before it SlimServer) on assorted linux boxes for four or five years. Its mostly just install the package using whatever is proper for your distro (rpm, deb, etc.) For most folks, it just works. If not, the forum folks can get you going.