View Full Version : Maintaining Network connection

2008-04-16, 17:49
Hi guys. I've just bought a squeezebox. Looked at the Duet but just couldn't justifiy the extra expense. The SB works well but everytime it wakes up it says it's establishing connection to the network. The SB and router are never turned off so shouldn't the connection always be maintained ?

2008-04-19, 02:53
Are you using DHCP?
If so, maybe it could be related to the SB's DHCP lease having timed out, which will force the SB to request a new lease to the router.

2008-04-19, 04:48
You say the SB and router aren't switched off. What about the box running Squeezecenter? If the SB can't make connection to Squeezecenter after a few tries, it may drop-off the network.