View Full Version : Stats on what I've been playing

2008-04-16, 05:09
I'm sure I've seen stats on what tracks I've played the most etc in the past, but for the life of me I can't find it now. Where is (/was) this info?



2008-04-16, 05:32
TrackStat? http://wiki.erland.homeip.net/index.php/TrackStat_plugin

2008-04-16, 05:42
There also is a page with a list of song played. It's available without trackstats, but I don't know if you can access it with the default skin.

I remember having seen it with Fishbone skin. Select "Fishbone" skin, and look for a menu like "about", "information", "statistics" (can't check it right now).


2008-04-16, 06:31
Aha! Thanks vrobin - found it in the fishbone skin.

2008-04-16, 08:16
That's really cool!! Is there any way to see more than 1 page in the fishbone skin?

For all who did not find it: Select Fishbone as skin and on the top-left pull down menu, select statistics.

This would be great as I sometimes forget what music i have and can then go and see what everyone else is using.

2008-04-16, 09:07
Its' important to know that the fishbone statistics are not persistent but are reset whenever you do a full rescan.