View Full Version : Sychronization with SqueezeCenter 7.0?

2008-04-15, 13:03
Sychronization worked very well for me with the previous version of SlimServer. I recently "upgraded" to SqueezeCenter 7.0. Seemed to work OK until today when wanted to listen to music throughout the house while working in several rooms. Setup is: softsqueeze (also, updated) on my computer/server and 2 SqeezeBox-3's in different rooms.

The only change was the upgarde of the slimserver and the softsqeeze software. Hardware is unchanged. I have rebooted every device - computer, squeezecenter, wireless router, and both squeezeboxes. And although, I tell it to sychronize, the music is no longer synched. Any guesses as to correct this short of restoring the old software?


2008-04-15, 20:48
Have you tried doing a "clear library and rescan"?

When I first installed SqueezeCenter 7 I was also having problems with sync sounding choppy and being off 10 secons or more, even for radio stations. At first I thought it was a softsqueeze problem, but it happened even when syncing only hardware devices.

Somewhere along the way of playing with things it started working and I remember one of the things I noticed was that my library was missing quite a few songs. A "scan for new" wasn't picking them up so I did a full rescan.

I wasn't able to duplicate the problem so I'm not sure if that was actually what fixed it.

2008-04-15, 21:00
You may also want to unplug/re-plug all of the SB3's, to force them to restart--I had to do that with mine for different reasons after they got the SC7 firmware update.

In my experience SC7's sync is markedly superior to previous versions, so it's worth trying to figure out why your situation is acting different.

2008-04-17, 08:07

softsqueeze apparently cant reliably synch with SBs, TPs or receivers since it uses a different buffering mechanism. (if there was a recent update to softsqueeze to fix this, then i am wrong of course)

i have 2 SB3s and softsqueeze will not synch. i have actually seen the SBs thrown out of synch, too. as long as softsqueeze is not involved, i have no problems tho...

2008-04-18, 05:36
I have also posted here due to synchronisation problems with SqueezeCenter 7.0 and have not resolved them, so I would like to establish if there are any similarities.

Will the SB3 players synchronise when Softsqueeze isn't running or is powered off? I haven't actually tried Softsqueeze since upgrading to SC7.0, although like yourself, I found that synchronisation between players (up to 3 x SB3) and/or players and Softsqueeze was very good in previous versions of Slimserver (certainly 6.3.1 onwards).

What operating system are you running? I have 2 PCs, one running Ubuntu and the other XP.

On the Ubuntu machine, the players will sync with no issues if and only if SqueezeCenter has very recently been restarted. If it has been running for anything approaching a day then the players will not sync and I find the same 2 players will be about 1 second out of sync whilst the other is always in excess of 3 seconds.

On the XP machine I simply cannot get the players to synchronise at all; restarting SqueezeCenter or rebooting the PC makes no difference and I get similar delays between players as those described above.

As you've probably found, most of the questions regarding synchronisation have related to Softsqueeze and there has been very little in the way problems syncing hardware players using SC7.0. One post did however suggest the problem was either overcome or much improved when the lastfm plugin was disabled, so that might be worth trying.

2008-04-18, 17:34
Thanks for all the replys.

I have to say that I haven't had time to follow up on resolving, but to clarify a few of the questions:

- running XP
- I did hard reboot the SB3s
- the two SB3s and softsqueeze were all out of sync, even if just running the two SB3s.

I will try the "clear library and rescan" option and see what happens and report back.