View Full Version : WMA Variable bit rate not playing

2008-04-14, 14:29
I'm trying to play songs ripped from CD using WMP. The files were ripped to WMA and my duet is reporting the files as Variable bit rate at different values.

When I try and play these files through the duet it keeps reporting:

problem: Unable to play file type for:

The bit rate reported for an example file is 611 kbps vbr at 44.1 kHz.

Is this a limitation of the duet (which in all otherways is marvelous piece of equipment). If so is there a away I can convert these files to something playable, or will I have to rip the media again to MP3?



2008-04-25, 10:38
Hi, I have a similar problem.

I upgraded to the 7.0 release and firmware 86 and my squeezebox3 can no longer play my WMA VBR files. All other files play fine so this is definitely a WMA related problem...

It used to play them when it was running version 6.5 (I think that's what it was) and the related firmware...



2008-04-25, 11:41
611k is quite high, is this a WMA Lossless file? If so, are you running SC on Windows?

2008-05-10, 19:08
I have SC 7.0 installled under windows. No WMA VBR files play regardless of bit rate... Again this is with Squeezebox3 and SC 7.0.

Any help would be appreciated since this is very frustrating...