View Full Version : SB3 SPDIF question

2008-04-13, 11:57
Hi to all!

I'm happy SB3 owner and i wanna make step higher to better sound. In that manner i wanna connect it through SPDIF out to external 24bit/96Khz capable dac. I know that SB3's internal dac not supporting such hi-resolution format, but what about SB3's SPDIF out? Can i play such files (like LINN Records studio master FLAC) uncorrupted through SB3's SPDIF out or I will get resampled signal to lower resolution?

If its SPDIF out don't support such high resolution, how high can it go?


2008-04-13, 12:16
It's not the dac it's the other stuff thats not up to it.
so 24/48 it is.

2008-04-13, 12:23
this is one of the only gripes i have with the duet, why o why did'nt they make the spdif 24/96 ? I did order one and will be a proud owner anyway, but why ?

I know there's a very marginal market for this, but the cost would not be that high would it ? no highfidelity dac's and other parts , thats the transporter i know that :-) only a 24/96 enabled spdif ?

Good evening