View Full Version : play short audio clips via CLI without disrupting playlist?

2008-04-12, 09:58
I'd love to be able to direct my sb3 to momentarily stop what it is doing and play short audio clips for household alerts like a doorbell ringing or a "you left the garage door open" notice, or trying to text-to-speech CallerID data, etc. After the alert, I'd want it to resume doing whatever it was already doing (continue playing its playlist, right where it was, or continue playing a radio stream, etc). Is there a mechanism for doing this via CLI or otherwise? I'm looking thru the CLI docs and nothing jumps out at me about how to play audio other than actually manipulating the playlist...

2008-04-12, 10:32
I tried playing with "playlist save" and "playlist resume" but they don't quite cut it since they don't preserve the track position and don't replace the playlist the same way as it was (tracks prior to the current track don't seem to be saved?)