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Simon Turner
2004-02-25, 05:54
Hi Sean,
I too want to dump my CDs and use the digital-out of the Squeezebox to feed
my (Naim) HiFi. Sound quality is very important to me. To see if it was
possible to get a good enough output from the Squeezebox to allow me to dump
my CDs and Naim CDX CD player I bought a cheap Arcam Delta Black Box 5 via
eBay as an initial test. The Arcam measurably improves the sound over the
analgue-outs. In addition the volume level is now more in line with all the
other peripherals i run (I had always found the analogue output volume of
the Squeezebox too quiet).
The Arcam did not come with a manual and I am new to Dacs. It has a "Sync"
button on it. If I activate the Sync I just get a lot of horrible white
noise. If I don't activate it the music sounds quite fine... a lot better
than the Squeezebox analogue-outs but not in the same league as the CDX.

My post has two purposes:
1) What does the sync do (is it the same as "lock") and is it necessary?
2) Inform SD that Arcam's do not appear to be able to sync to the Squeezebox

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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I expect to have an answer this week on the s/pdif compatibility issue.
I'm working with our DSP vendor on this right now.


On Feb 24, 2004, at 2:53 PM, Mark Bennett wrote:

> I'm currently the proud owner of a Squeezebox and have ideas
> of not just using it for day to day listening, but also as
> the source for my main HiFi system.
> After listening to the analogue outputs on a good quality system
> it's clear that the built in DAC's are woefully inadequate for
> those with such aims.
> As a result I have tried it on a friends DAC, and we just
> couldn't get it to lock to the input frequency. I have managed
> to get my minidisc to lock to the SP-DIF output with no problems.
> So, I've demonstrated that it doesn't work with all DAC's.....
> (I suspect that his DAC is just very fussy....)
> Now, before I start lugging the system around various hi-fi shops
> to try out different DACS to see what works and what doesn't, does
> anyone have any information on the outputs from the Squeezebox,
> i.e. absolute frequency accuracy, short term (jitter) and long
> term drift etc?
> We also observed the reported scenario that the SP-DIF output
> stopped transmitting a signal between tracks, which would have
> been very annoying because his DAC can take 10 seconds or more
> to aquire lock...
> I can't see this logged as a bug on the bug list, is there a
> reason why this isn't there? (Or just because no-one has
> raised it?)
> I really like this product, and want to consign my CD collection
> to a quiet and dusty cupboard, but I need to get a reliable route
> to high quality playback first.
> Finally, can anyone recommend a good DAC ($1k->$2k range),
> which produces excellent quality audio with the squeezebox, and
> is available in the UK?
> Thanks,
> Mark.