View Full Version : Has my SB3 developed a fault?

2008-04-11, 13:57
I've had mine for nearly 2 years. It has had no use for the past year due to set up changes, its now getting constant use for the past 3 months. I have found that if I leave it connected to the power supply, during play back the music starts to sort of warble. Slows down a bit too. Reboot of the SB3 fixes this for a short time. I find that if I leave it disconnected for a long while, it is much longer before the interference returns.

What tests can I run to check this out?

UK resident, I use my SB3 connected by wifi to a Netgear dg834gt router. My music is located on a slave drive on my pc (XPsp2) which is wired to the router. I do not leave my pc on when not in use. I have tried rebooting my router.


2008-04-12, 09:29
I didn't mean to be lazy. Have spent the afternoon reading the FAQ and whatever I could find on this forum. Its given me a few areas to check and change.