View Full Version : automated Windows restarts

2008-04-11, 12:13
My computer sometimes gets automatic updates via Microsoft and some of these include an automatic restart of the computer to activate the update. It gives a warning then shuts down and restarts the computer.

This is really annoying when I am listening to music. Any Windows folks that can tell me how to defeat this feature?

I am running Windows XP Pro


2008-04-11, 12:36
One more good reason to switch to Linux...

If you turn off automatic updates in windows, or modify the way it handles them, you can fix this, but you will still have to reboot the machine whenever you allow it to update.

Go to the control panel and select the automatic update icon then do what looks right to you.


2008-04-11, 13:39
You'll have to allow it to boot for "some" updates, not all :) Microsoft has got much better at not requiring reboots after upgrades.

Just trying to keep the Linux hordes honest :)